Friday, July 27, 2007

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Sound Music Festival 2007. piCOt art stall and pingo. for more info.

patterns. ben trill has been published!

frontier at the study gallery, poole. sequence. esther yarnold.

frontier at the study gallery, poole. helen pritchard.

a friend for life. gilbertandgrape and interim.

pingo [art vending machine] for more info.

geekFest. for more info.

geekFest 2006. STRANGE SAVAGE DESIRES one million years BC - AC/DC. gillian wylde.

geekFest 2006. [re]collection. esther yarnold.

geekFest 2006. interlude. maddy pethick.

geekFest 2006. by the way. gilbertandgrape.

geekFest 2006. hand in glove. mark leahy.

geekFest 2006. low-fi landscaping. boredomresearch.

geekFest 2006. geeklub. lomoMoon.

geekFest 2006. Copacabournemouth. Tiago Gambogi.

geekFest 2006. Multicoloured Green.

geekFest 2006. DJ Jez.

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piCOt [pee-koh] network piCOt is a loosely joined collective of artists, writers, curators and researchers whose work inhabits the intersections of art, technology and critical theory. Our contributers are based in the South West & London (UK) and across Europe. The piCOt collective also produces the geekFEST biennale. picot [pee-koh] noun an edging of many small loops, as on lace or ribbon, forming an ornamental border.