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geeking it up learning pure data

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geekFest 2008.

geekFest is curated by Helen Pritchard and Esther Yarnold for piCOt. May 2008.

Dulwich Festival Fair 2008. London.

interim ran an arts stall at Dulwich Festival Fair with fellow entrepreneurs and friends, Goldlion and Pheasant. May 2008.

Mixin' Project. Poole.

Esther worked with artist Helen Pritchard and Poole-based group Mixin', a social group for young people with learning difficulties. Together they created a logo and website for the group, as well as their own individual books and a photo story to advertise what their group does. Autumn 2007.

Flying Saucer Project. Yeovil.

Esther worked with lighting artist Raphael Daden and local primary school children to transform a lift into a space rocket, for travel to the children's ward at Yeovil District Hospital, Somerset. Autumn 2007.

Wall Sticker Commission. Swanage.

interim were commissioned by a Swanage-based couple to create wall stickers for their first child's nursery. July 2007.

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piCOt [pee-koh] network piCOt is a loosely joined collective of artists, writers, curators and researchers whose work inhabits the intersections of art, technology and critical theory. Our contributers are based in the South West & London (UK) and across Europe. The piCOt collective also produces the geekFEST biennale. picot [pee-koh] noun an edging of many small loops, as on lace or ribbon, forming an ornamental border.