Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Memorial Garden, Bemerton Estate Islington

Esther and Carl Stevenson co-led this project for All Change. We worked with young residents on the estate to turn a corner of their open space into a memorial garden. The garden was designed as an outdoor interpretation of Jessie's bedroom full of her favourite things, including Ugg Boots, her mobile phone, make-up, perfume, and hair straighteners...

Hand Hygiene Week at Dorset County Hospital

Last month Esther completed her fourth project for Dorset County Hospital, creating work for an exhibition at the hospital for Hand Hygiene Week. Esther spent two days on Kingfisher Ward working with children in the ward's Education Centre, or at their bedsides. We created 'bugs' through drawing, modeling and origami, and filled petri dishes with them. We also created some animations and co-designed a sticker and poster to encourage people to use hospital hand gels... Find out more about Arts in Hospital here.

Celebrating Multiculturalism at The Wey Valley School and Sports College

Back in June we were invited to lead two days of drop-in workshops at The Wey Valley School and Sports College in Weymouth, as part of an event devised and managed by their Head of Art Dan Emery, celebrating multiculturalism in Weymouth and Portland. We've worked with Wey Valley on numerous occasions, and the students there always come up with amazingly creative work, but this time we were working with groups visiting from other schools and organisations, so we had to devise a workshop that could offer instant rewards, as well as a more in-depth experience, across a broad range of ages. The event embraced the seven Olympic values of Respect, Excellence, Friendship, Courage, Determination, Inspiration and Equality.

During the two days we created origami Olympic sailing boats, which became part of a 'Beach Hut' installation and 'starred' in our animations, complete with wishes for our futures...

Working with Trinity School as part of Tideline

Tideline is a big project that Sarah Butler has been writer in residence for. She invited Esther to facilitate some design and book making workshops at Trinity School. With one group a guide to the local Erith Marshes was co-designed...

and with the other, 3D cube-based books for exhibition were created...

Read the stories Sarah wrote here and find about the project here.

Memorial marks over 400 lives lost to AIDS in Dorset

Ben worked with pupils from five schools in Bournemouth to create artwork for over 400 digitally printed tiles, representing the lives lost to AIDS in Dorset. The public art commission is located on Bournemouth's Pier Approach and was designed to raise awareness and address prejudice, as well as act as a memorial for friends and relatives.

The work was commissioned by DAMSET

French Bedroom Company brochure (no2)

This Friday I'm off to Haywards Heath to meet with the FBCo team to discuss the design of our third brochure for them, and that made me realise that we never posted about the 2nd one!! So here it is...

They sell so many lovely things, so in case you're tempted here is their web siteYou can also sign up to receive the brochure in the post.

Home Making gets an outing!

We've worked with writer Sarah Butler on a number of projects now, so you've probably heard us sing her praises before. She recently used our simple Home Making activity for a project that she is working on in Walworth, South London. You can see the results here.

Home Making was originally created by Esther for Camberwell Arts Festival 2009.

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